slacker-premium-radio.JPGSlacker now has their premium service available for subscribers. The premium service is as low as $7.50 per month and offers distinct advantages over the basic service:

Slacker Premium Radio

Slacker Premium Radio includes all the great features of Basic Radio, and you can also:

– Save Radio Songs – Just click on the heart button to save any song on Slacker Radio while you are listening. Saved songs automatically add into your Slacker software and Slacker Portable libraries so you can play them whenever you want!

– Skip as Many Songs as You Want – Skip past as many songs as you want with Premium Radio. Basic Radio listeners are limited to 6 skips per hour, per station.

– Never Get an Ad – You’ll never see or hear advertisements on Slacker Premium Radio. Basic radio listeners will get a limited number of ads.

Just $7.50 per month with an annual subscription

Slacker will even let you test drive the premium service for 7 days for free.

Visit Slacker for more information