slackermyspace.JPGSlacker, the Internet radio company that is anticipating delivery of a portable satellite fed audio device shortly, has added a cool new feature to their service. A MySpace Widget. This new feature allows you to share your Slacker radio station with others on MySpace and Blogs. You can even choose the the layout that you want your Slacker player to look like. Simply make your choice, and the code is developed for you. Insert the code into your MySpace page, and you are done.

Slacker, which has already been well accepted as an Internet radio service is soon looking to take the next step by offering a portable slacker media player capable of updating via satellite. The highly anticipated portable is a plug and play type unit that allows users to take their Slacker with them in their cars.

One of the high points of the Slacker service is the ability to customize and share your stations. This social networking aspect is something that is missing in terrestrial radio and even satellite radio at this point, and is one reason that the Slacker portable is eagerly awaited by fans. For now, sharing over MySpace and blog sites will need to satisfy that appetite, but don't worry, the portable will be arriving soon, and will work seamlessly with the Internet service.

To learn more or even subscribe visit Slacker