skydock2If you have had satellite radio for a long time, you have likely seen your fair share of the various hardware options that were made available by Sirius and XM. Now that satellite radio is all under one umbrella, the best satellite radio to date has finally been developed. The XM SkyDock.

Out of the box it may not seem like much, but combine SkyDock with an iPhone or iPod Touch and you really have something special. Simply stated, SkyDock blows away any other satellite radio ever made.

What makes SkyDock special? Let’s start with installation. It could not be more simple. SkyDock features PowerConnect. A technology that mounts and runs this device right from your cars cigarette lighter socket. PowerConnect does away with the traditional FM modulator and running power cords. You can simply plug in the SkyDock, attach the antenna, and you are jamming to the tunes that only Sirius XM can deliver.

Skydock delivers satellite radio through a user interface in the form of an app that can be downloaded from iTunes. Once you have the SkyDock app downloaded, get ready for a user interface that is unmatched by any other satellite radio out there. You can scroll through channels with the flick of a finger, and the tuning is virtually instantaneous. Simple and logical menus guide you through the robust offering of music, sports and talk content, and you can tag songs you like for future download on iTunes.

SkyDock carries advanced features such as sports tickers, notifications when your favorite teams are playing, artist select, and even has a section where you can access your favorite channel listings. The best part is that the actual satellite radio is in the SkyDock, not in your iPhone. This means that getting a “new” radio is as simple as an update to the application. You no longer have to fear that your radio will be outdated, because the functionality is in your existing iPhone or iPod Touch. When Sirius XM update the app or add features, you are a few clicks away from having the latest and greatest offerings.

If SkyDock is your first satellite radio, I envy you. You have a wonderful product that combines ease installation, ease of use, and the best audio content on the market all in one place……PLUS, you can make a phone call, check your email, and have full access to your contact list! SkyDock is not only the ultimate satellite radio, but perhaps one of the coolest iPhone accessories to hit the market yet. Stay tuned for a full review.