skydock2Satellite radio fans have been buzzing about the Sirius XM SkyDock since it was announced a month ago. Now, the wait is almost over for all of the passionate, gotta-have-it Sirius XM fans. You can now pre-order your SkyDock from TSS-Radio.

TSS has notified us that they expect units to be available for shipment on October 18, 2009. If you want to be certain to get your hands onto a SkyDock, you may want to seriously consider ordering yours now. The Sirius XM SkyDock allows owners of iPod Touch’s and iPhones to virtually turn their device into a satellite radio when docked.

Contact TSS Radio for more information, and get in line. For the record, I am already in line and will be adding the SkyDock to my arsenal of satellite radio devices.