Technicals are not posted today due to technical difficulties.  However, the story remains essentially the same and investors should watch the $3.37 level closely.  SiriusXM wants to test higher, but the macro-economic situation is being a bit of an anchor.  The news with Ford is quite promising in that it is exposing consumers to a better product as well as a higher priced tier of service.  This should help ARPU over time.  We now have Ford and BMW in the "All Access" camp.  The downside is this.  Another OEM has re-done a deal with SiriusXM and not included telematics.  On the telematics front, Nissan is the lone partner.  BMW passed, Toyota signed with Clear Channel, and Ford has now passed.  Clear channel has already said they have more announcements this summer.

Watch $3.37 and stay tuned.