gavel-handWhile details are still not easy to come by, there have been settlement and stipulation talks between SiriusXM, Sound Exchange, and A2IM.  The settlement conference occurred between January 31 and February 4 of this year.  While all parties were involved in the discussion, only A2IM documents have been made available.  As part of the settlement SiriusXM and A2IM agreed that:

  • Consistent with its First Amendment Rights, A2IM shall be free to express its opinions about SiriusXM and any proposals or terms for licensing with SiriusXM, to make recommendations on such issues, to advocate for or against such issues, and express agreement or disagreement with the opinions of others concerning such issues.
  • A2IM shall not sanction or benefit any member or third party based upon whether such member or third party makes or does not make licensing arrangements with Sirius XM or for expressing any opinion endorsing or not endorsing any such licensing.

Redacted transcripts of the settlement will not be available until June.  Further details are not yet available.  As a SiriusBuzz Premium member you are getting this news first.