My apologies for the lack of charts yesterday.  We solved the technical glitch on my ability to log in, but a glitch on uploading charts is still being addressed.  SiriusXM made a nice move up today on higher than average volume.  The action helped to re-establish some strength in the support below.

We have strong support at $3.91 and again at $3.83.  I like having two safety nets to the downside.  It offers confidence in the next move being very limited to the downside.  To the upside we have resistance at $3.97.  What has set up is a need to pass into the $4's on volume.  I like that as well.  tip-toeing into the $4's would be fine, but surging into them on high volume is much better for the second leg up.

The EMA's remain all green.  The 5 day EMA is at $3.92 and the 13 at $3.90.  We want to preferably stay above $3.92, and we really want to hold the line at $3.90.  That should be possible with support at $3.91.  We do need to remember, that while the support level at $3.91 appears strong, it is still not mature.  The 20 day EMA is $3.89.  The 50 Day EMA is $3.81.  My apologies for the lack of charts.  We are working on the issue.