The SiriusXM technicals remain in tact, but the big question that investors have is when this equity will make some noise.  From a technical standpoint I would characterize this equity as being tightly wound up, and ready to make a bold move in one direction or the other.  We are at a critical point here.  We have strong support at $3.59 and mild resistance at $3.65.  Essentially we have a stare-down.  Can we hold the $3.60's and build on the foundation that has been created over the last couple of weeks?  Or do we take a trip back to $3.50 and build back up again.  If I were a betting man I would say that this equity is ready to test the $3.70's any day now.  The right bit of news could be a launch pad for a small run upward.  The pieces are all in place.  Auto sales are good.  Guidance is up on subs, the company gas room to move other guidance.  I think this equity appreciates going into the call.


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Exponential Moving Averages

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