In a move that some have been waiting eons for, it appears that SiriusXM is finally making great use of the fact that its website has very good traffic and is an optimum place for the company to add additional revenue.  SiriusXM has actually dedicated front page space to a “Holiday Gift Guide“.  A simple click on the icon leads users to a web page with several gift ideas, including the Ninja Steam Bake, Avion Tequila, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and more.

Clearly the revenue will not be massive, but it is better than nothing and, if successful, could lead to the company possibly opening up a new revenue stream using the company’s own website.  This will be even more meaningful when SiriusXM launches its Personalized Radio service later this year.  SiriusXM Personalized Radio is web based and will certainly get more eyes on the website as it rolls out.

For SiriusXM ad revenue has been a challenging aspect of growth.  The company is oft hard pressed to capitalize on the huge potential that comes with a top 50 website.  It is not because it can not be done, but rather that it does not seem to be a focus of the company.  That being said, the work that would go into gaining some ad revenue on the web can be minimal, and a simple concept like giving it a little attention this holiday season may be enough to open up a few doors.  Only time will tell if we are looking at a new strategy at SiriusXM.