It has taken a little while to develop, but I am seeing two possible ranges for SiriusXM to trade in.  One is between $3.35 and $3.45 and the other is between $3.45 and $3.55.  Which range will be the ultimate one depends on the action in the next week or so.  The equity could easily go to either, and both are still bullish on the equity. Looking at the volume, we see that it is once again retreating downward.  Looking at support and resistance we have seen many levels evaporate  and now a huge chasm exists between $3.18 and $3.86.  The EMA's remain very bullish. There are some key levels to think about and watch.  When the equity is range trading tightly, the 13 day EMA will be the bottom, and about a nickle past the recent high will be the top.  If a top is taken out on strength, the move will be bold.  The 20 day EMA, currently at $3.33, will be a key place to watch on a dip.  Support at the 50 day should be worst case when the conditions are neutral. Volume 5-17 siri volume   Support and Resistance 5-17 siri sr   Exponential Moving Averages 5-17 siri ema