drmSiriusBuzz is proud to announce an association with Digital Radio Mag. Digital Radio Mag was created to give satellite radio fans a simple and easy solution for satellite radio coverage by offering unique content from writers passionate about satellite radio. TSS-Radio's Taylor, Damon from Sirius XM News, and Spencer Osborne from SiriusBuzz have joined together to give satellite radio fans more content and coverage on Sirius XM.

The unique factor about this site is that the contributors will still maintain their core sites and businesses, but will join together under the Digital Radio Mag umbrella with unique articles and insight. Readers will be treated to all of the news in satellite radio from three great sites that will work in cooperation with each other. Between these three site, we've got you covered with wide ranging styles and opinions.

Take a minute to become familiar with Digital Radio Mag as well as Sirius XM News. We here at SiriusBuzz will be working closely with them