SiriusBuzz is proud to announce some sweeping changes that will be happening on this site.  For years, I have written under the pen name Tyler Savery and have covered satellite radio from an investors as well as a consumers perspective.  SiriusBuzz has always been more concentrated on detailed reporting of the equity side of satellite radio.  Today that changes.

We have decided to shift our focus from equity based writing and put our efforts into catering to the over 18 million satellite radio consumers.  Satellite radio is an awesome concept and will continue to grow, and we want to broaden our horizons to meet that audience.  As satellite radio growth happens, these consumers will need a place that gives them all of the news and information about the medium.  Satellite radio offers more content and choice virtually any other platform, and with the new concentration on Sirius XM Internet Radio, the choices and content could become even more impressive.  Perhaps for many there is an overwhelming amount of choice.  So much so that great content and great features get lost to the consumer because they are simply not addressed in a meaningful way that resonates with the average radio listener.  This is where SiriusBuzz will create value for consumers.  Articles about the content, reviews of products, and digging deeper into what the satellite radio culture is will be the foundation of a great consumer site dedicated to satellite radio.

As part of this transformation we will be making a few additional announcements in the coming weeks that give satellite radio consumers an even greater level of coverage and information.

Some that follow the equity (SIRI) may be disappointed in this decision, but rest assured, the information you will see on SiriusBuzz will help the medium prosper by covering all of the great qualities of satellite radio.   The pen name Tyler Savery is being retired, but my passion for understanding the equity side of the business still exists.   I will be consulting on the equity side of satellite radio for select clients.  More details on this will become available in the near future, but if you are interested in getting that information first please send an email to  In the meantime the SiriusBuzz forums, which include equity based categories, will maintain discussions on satellite radio as well as other equities.

SiriusBuzz Radio will continue to be a staple feature of this site and SiriusBuzz brand.  Watch for radio shows to resume shortly, with an all new consumer based show.  We are excited about the shift of focus to the consumer.  Satellite radio is a passion of ours, and we want to make every effort to give consumers the same great coverage that the equity side has had for so long on this site.

Position – Long Sirius XM Radio