Sirius XM Radio took a stunning hit in the market today. The equity has once again dropped below the $1.00 mark, and investors are certainly frustrated. The quarterly call, while good, was shy of expectations and many are now feeling the sting. What caused the sell-off, and what lays ahead that will point to a recovery?

Tune into SiriusBuzz Radio Show #56 as we take a look at Sirius XM, the Q1 numbers, and the issues surrounding the company. SiriusBuzz Radio goes live at 9:00 PM EST. Join Spencer Osborne and Charles LaRocca as we take calls and discuss the subject of Sirius XM Radio. The show features a live chat room, and callers are welcomed. To participate in the show dial 347-945-7995.

SiriusBuzz Radio Show #56

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio