Announcing a special reminder of a Satellite Radio News show you wont want to miss. SiriusBuzz and Satellite Radio Playground are pleased to introduce the Satellite Radio Round Table, a new concept in live satellite radio coverage. Our sites have teamed up to offer a monthly round table show that will feature a regular panel and special guests that will offer discussion and opinion on satellite radio in a manner which is sure to give fans and investors a perspective on Sirius XM that simply has not been offered before. The Satellite Radio Round Table will launch this Tuesday 9:00 PM immediately following Satellite Radio News which will go live at 8:30 PM.

This week Satellite Radio News, beginning at 8:30 PM EST, will feature Betten Hausen Chryler, Dodge and Jeep Sales Director Evan Facemeyer. Mr. Facemeyer will be discussing the OEM channel from a unique perspective that investors do not often get to hear. What is satellite radio penetration at his dealership? How effective are CPO programs? What is his opinion on auto sales this year? Tune in this Tuesday night to find out. Mr. Facemeyer will also stay on board for the Satellite Radio Round Table beginning at 9:00 PM.

Want more Sirius XM Coverage. Stay tuned at 9:00 PM EST as the Satellite Radio Round Table discusses additional subjects such as the Russell Reconstitution happening this Friday June 25, 2010 after the market closes. What will the Russell reconstitution mean? Tune in to Satellite Radio News and the Satellite Radio Round Table to find out.

The Satellite Radio Round Table panel this week will include:

Spencer Osborne- Spencer Osborne has been writing about satellite radio on websites since 2006, and was an active participant in many forums from the very beginnings of satellite radio. He was among the first 50,000 subscribers for Sirius Satellite Radio, and enjoys full subscriptions to both Sirius and XM. Spencer began writing with a pen name (Tyler Savery) on Satellite Standard, which he merged into SiriusBuzz with his business partner Charles LaRocca. Spencer’s material has been featured on the Howard Stern Show, the Jay Thomas Show, as well as several others. His research was included in FCC filings during the merger process, as well as in the reports of several analysts. Viewed as a balanced reporter, Spencer is one of satellite radio’s longest running site authors, and his material is respected in the satellite radio community. Spencer’s articles are available exclusively at

Demian Russian – Demian Russian is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Satellite Radio Playground. Demian has written extensively on Satellite Radio and accurately predicted the SkyDock months before its release. He has also conducted many live radio interviews with analysts, fund managers, and company representatives related to the sector. Demian has been a fan of satellite radio for years and carries a passion for the service.

Evan Facemeyer – Evan has been in the auto industry for over two decades. He has vast experience in the sales and finance aspects of the OEM business and is currently the sales director for a prominent dealership in the greater Chicago area. Mr. Facemeyer has seen the highest and lowest points in the auto business, and his experience and expertise will be a valued asset to the Round Table this month.

Dennis “Cos” Costa – Dennis is Co-Founder and writer for Satellite Radio Playground. Dennis has followed satellite radio for years and has added valuable insight for investors. Dennis is known for in depth research and timely articles about the happenings in the satellite radio sector. Dennis works closely with Demian Russian on Satellite Radio Playground Radio.

The panel will also be joined by callers to the show. This month’s show is hosted by SiriusBuzz and Spencer Osborne will moderate the discussion. If you follow satellite radio and want to add your opinion to the Satellite Radio Round Table you can call into the show by dialing 347-945-7995. We look forward to conducting the show and to your participation.

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