SiriusBuzz Radio will air in our normal Thursday night time slot again this week, and compete head to head with the Vice Presidential Debate. We recognize that listeners have requested an earlier show to accommodate the debate, but want to keep the schedule as consistent as possible.

SiriusBuzz Radio is recorded, so listeners can download any show at any time, and we encourage you to do that if you can not catch the live broadcast.

This week we can talk about Sirius XM's new products and features making their way to market, the upcoming launch of products on October 6th, poor September auto sales, and how the proposed $700 billion bail-out will impact the markets. We also have a few other tid-bits to discuss.

Join the SiriusBuzz crew live as we dissect, analyze, and offer opinion on everything about satellite radio. Callers are welcomed to join in by calling 347-945-7995. SiriusBuzz Radio....Bringing You The Spirit of Satellite Radio.

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