I have broadcast SiriusBuzz Radio from several states, and even though I travel frequently, have made every attempt to stay faithful to our Thursday night broadcasts. This week, I will be on a plane, and because the FAA will not allow cell phone calls from 32,000 feet, we will be unable to broadcast the show this evening.

My family and I are spending a long weekend in salt Lake City, and I will then follow that up with a brief three day trip to Orlando. I will make efforts to Bring a special edition of SiriusBuzz Radio on Monday night after the Sirius XM Radio conference call, but we will have to see how my schedule shakes out.

I would encourage listeners to take this opportunity to listen to some of the archived shows which you can find by visiting SiriusBuzz Radio's page on Blog Talk Radio. While you are there, why not take a few minutes to mark SiriusBuzz radio as a favorite, as well as rate some of the shows. Think of it as Sa SiriusBuzz Radio Instant Replay. Besides, if Howard can take every Friday off, I should be able to miss a show or two.

SiriusBuzz Radio will return to our regular Thursday schedule next week.

Position - Long SIRI