If you follow SiriusXM closely and have a need for regular and timely information you can add to your research, then SiriusBuzz Premium may be just what you are looking for.  SiriusBuzz Premium takes information to the next level with exclusive analysis, insightful articles, and timely research.  SiriusXM can move fast and staying on top can be a daunting task.  Now you have a new tool at your disposal.

We are proud to announce a new feature called “Bullet Point” for members.  Bullet Points are simple and straight forward pieces of noteworthy news.  Getting that news into an article for publication takes time, and sometimes the news is time sensitive.  With a Bullet Point, members get a simple heads up post outlining the item of importance.  I can initiate a Bullet Point from anywhere, including my phone.  A follow-up article with added detail and opinion can follow later, but the news, and getting it into member hands, is the important factor.

All articles, including Premium pieces, appear here on SiriusBuzz — premium members simply see more articles, analysis, data, and now Bullet Points.

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