SiriusBuzz and SatelliteRadioPlayground are pleased to announce live coverage of Sirius XM's Q1 2010 conference call. The coverage begins at 7:00 AM EST, an hour before Sirius XM's call. The team will be using CoverItLive to deliver streaming content as it happens. Whether you view from SiriusBuzz, or SatelliteRadioPlayground you will be treated to the exact same content. The collaborative effort will give satellite radio enthusiasts an important aspect that has been missing in this sector. Varied perspective in one place. This special event allows you to garner instant reactions while listening to the call. Get news, opinions and insight from Spencer Osborne, Demian Russian, Charles LaRocca, Newman, and Dennis "Cos" Costa.

Join SiriusBuzz and Satellite Radio playground for the most in depth analysis and discussion on Sirius XM's Q1 results. From the moment Sirius XM releases the numbers to the last analysts question, we will have it covered. Be sure to check back for further details.

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