NASCAR fans are well aware that the races can be heard on Sirius and satellite radio fans are well aware that Tony Stewart can be heard on his regular Sirius show on NASCAR channel 128.

Today, Tony Stewart finds himself in hot water. After the latest race, magnets were discovered under the gas pedal of his #20 car, as well as the #18 car driven by Joey Logano. To be fair to both drivers, it is not clear whether they were aware of the situation that caused their cars to read differently on the dyno than when racing on the track.

Both drivers race for Joe Gibbs Racing, and run cars from Toyota. Toyota cars have won 15 of 25 races this season in Nationwide, and all but one of those wins came from a Toyota car fielded by the Joe Gibbs team.

As a result of what appeared to be an advantage for Toyota, NASCAR took action a month ago by ordering the Toyota Nationwide teams to use a smaller spacer which would cut about 15 horsepower in their motors. It has been reported that the incident Saturday was apparently an effort to keep the current numbers from looking too strong in the latest test.

Ironically, Tony Stewart has a show that airs on Monday, August 18th. Whether he will discuss the issue is unknown, but there is an audio clip on Sirius that has Tony talking about Risk vs. Reward with only 4 races remaining. Of course Tony was not talking about cheating in the discussion, but one can certainly say now that the risk in cheating will have a stiff penalty for the #20 and #18 teams.

For NASCAR fans, channel 128 on Sirius is a must on Monday

[ via AP ]

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