Scott Ferrall has been a constant staple on the Howard Stern channels since they began. He airs a nightly sports talk show that is a bit edgy, full of energy, and pure Ferrall. Scott knows it all. Whether it is baseball, football, hockey, the NBA, or even soccer, Ferrall has an opinion, and listeners love interacting with him.

Tonight, while watching the Boston Celtics and L.A. Lakers battle in game 5 of the NBA finals, I suddenly heard the familiar gravely voice of Scott Ferrall doing a commercial. He was doing an ad for Downfall, a new television game show that ABC will be airing beginning June 22nd. You can see the ad below.

Downfall—a unique, high-stakes and adrenaline-pumping game show—puts contestants on top of a 10-story building to see who has the focus and fearlessness to avoid their own "downfall" over the edge... literally. Along the way, they'll have the chance to win one million dollars and a slew of some incredible prizes, such as a pair of jet skis, a grand piano, a trip to Paris, or a brand new car.

In the six episode, one-hour weekly series, the addictive, action-packed Downfall will be played atop the roof of a Downtown Los Angeles high-rise, where contestants will try to quickly answer a series of trivia questions against the clock in seven rounds. Fabricated facsimiles of all prizes will be placed on the largest conveyor belt ever seen on TV with a pile of cash at the end ranging from $5,000 to $1 million. In each round, players will try to answer all the questions before their prizes and cash go over the edge, off the roof, and sent crashing 100 feet to the street below. If the cash goes over the side of the building, then the game is over and that player is eliminated.

If a player begins to struggle for answers to the game's category-based questions, there will be two ways to back up the belt: Surrender A Personal Possession, where the player offers a prized possession of their own onto the conveyor belt at the risk of it being dropped over the edge and destroyed; or the Friend On The Belt option, where a player's own friend or family member—even their Grandmother—can be placed on the belt to help them find the answers. If they don't beat the clock, this person takes the chance of going off the side of the building just like the previous prizes—in this case, wearing a decelerator harness to soften the fall.

After each successful round, the player can leave with prizes won or risk them all to keep going toward the million dollar final prize. In the last round, the player will stand on the conveyor belt holding all the cash, heading towards the edge of the building. They'll need to answer all 10 questions correctly in time, or... it's over the edge to their downfall.