jacksonEver since Michael Jackson passed away there has been a public yearning for all things Michael and all things Jackson. From devout fans to detractors, the Michael Jackson story has been major news. This Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern, A&E will being airing a new series called "The Jackson's: A Family Dynasty".

The new series will give the public access to the Jackson's like never before. Some may feel that the family is capitalizing on the death of Michael, but regardless of your feelings about Michael, there is a sense that people want to know more for many reasons.

The A&E network is heavily advertising the series and Sirius XM is a sponsor of the premier. Some network ads are even mentioning Sirius XM as a sponsor. The show is highly anticipated by Jackson fans and the premier will likely be viewed by a wide audience.

For Sirius XM, the sponsorship move makes sense. As a company that brings more music to listeners than any other, Sirius XM is smart to hitch their brand to all things music, including this new Jackson series.