stanley-cup-finals-2009Sirius XM Radio announced today that every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will air on Sirius XM Radio, along with news and analysis from the NHL Home Ice Channel. For those of you who are XM subscribers, you can listen on XM channels 204-209, while Sirius subscribers can listen on channels 210-220 through the Best of XM package.

Coverage will kick off with the opening round on Wednesday, April 15th from 2 -7 pm, when Chris "Mad Dog" Russo will host a special NHL post-season edition of his own show on Sirius Channel 123 and XM Channel 144.

Be sure to check out Gary Bettman's regular weekly talk show, NHL Hour With Commissioner Gary Bettman, every Thursday on NHL Home Ice at 4pm ET, where the Commissioner talks with special guests and answers questions from hockey fans from around the country. Listeners are welcome to call in at 877-645-6696 and ask their questions live on air. For instance, maybe something along the lines of… what the heck is up with these guys in the league diving all over the place like soccer players and why can't the referees spot it?

For the complete schedule of upcoming games, please visit and