RF Monolithics Inc. (NASDAQ - RFMI) announced today that the company earned $0.01 per share for their Q1 quarter ended November 30th 2011. The penny per share represented income of $160,000. This represents a dramatic turnaround from their Q1 of 2009 when the company carried a loss of a penny.

RF Monolithics, a long time supplier for Sirius XM, produces SAW Filters used in satellite radio hardware. It was only a month ago that RFMI announced the production of their 100,000,000th SAW filter for satellite radio. While the company has modest revenues when compared to satellite radio, RFMI could be viewed as a way to participate in the satellite radio sector with an investment in a company that also supplies the medical equipment sector and additional sensors for the auto industry among others. With auto sales projected to increase in 2011, RFMI could be a stock to watch.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio | None RF Monolithics