I'd like to offer my opinion on a recent article that claims that Sirius is experiencing signal problems. I too, have had more frequent dropouts lately. I am fortunate however to have a little knowledge of basic electronics as well as a little knowledge of basic physics.

It has been very cold on the northeast, and it is expected to get worse. Cold weather can wreak havoc on electronic devices. Cold causes the metals used in such things as the antenna to contract. It also causes  condensation to occur as the metal thaws. This can lead to degradation of the wires surface. Electrons move over the copper wire, not through it as some may believe. Consider that copper will turn green when exposed to the elements. Look at your cold water pipes in your basement. You will notice that it is much darker than the shiny hot water pipe. This is because of condensation.

The condensation can also affect connections within an electronic device. The best advice to counter the effects of the cold is to allow your radio the time to warm up before turning it on. The wiring outside will warm through "transference" as basic physics teaches us that heat moves from hot to cold. This will in fact warm even the outside antenna and its circuitry.