Sirius XM has announced what can only be termed as a brilliant ad campaign for Mothers Day. They are letting people know that mom would really enjoy some ear candy, thus playing on a typical Mothers Day gift while at the same time giving a realistic description of what all of the content on Sirius XM Radio represents...EarCandy.

The promotion, which was emailed to Sirius and XM subscribers this afternoon informs subscribers to, "Be unexpected and give something that lasts. Like all of the non-stop entertainment she's gonna love. From Elvis, Sinatra and 80's hits, to Martha, Oprah and Rosie...Tuning into mom's needs has never been easier...You love it, she will too."

The only thing that is missing is a printable pamphlet that can be attached to the satellite radio that mom is getting. The picture of the candy with the channel logo's is gold, and tells the story so well. Perhaps the company can add a page to the website so that people can do just that.

Mothers day has never been a stellar holiday for satellite radio sales, but then again, the company has never had really big pushes at this time of year. Typically Father's Day has been more of a retail sales staple, but a good promotion like this may boost sales to levels higher than for previous Mothers Day's.

Congratulations to the folks at Sirius XM for such a good idea on the ad campaign. Hopefully they extend it beyond e-mails and add it to the website.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio