One of the negative impacts of Sirius XM's trading range between $0.90 and $1.10 is that there are frequently periods of time when Sirius XM sits below $1.00. Up until this Friday, it had been since August 15th since Sirius XM closed above $1.00. As most SIRI investors know, if the equity trades below $1.00 for more than 30 days, they become in danger of de-listing, and would also fall below the requirements of the Russell Index. With the $1.00 close on Friday Sirius XM eased any de-listing concerns that would have certainly have become a subject discussed in the coming week.

Sirius XM investors still can not rest easy, but at least the 30 day clock has been reset. With the markets potential improvements during September, perhaps Sirius XM will be able to tighten up the range. The equity still has a lot of market players though, so be prepared for swings in either direction during the next week.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio