It took a while for Sirius XM Radio to get into the social networking scene, but now that they have, their efforts are catching on. As of this writing, Sirius XM’s Facebook page is on the verge of eclipsing 50,000 fans. While this may not seem like a “huge” number, it is an impressive start, and demonstrates that the company has a substantial core group of fans, and the main fan page is not alone.

Sirius XM’s popular Morning Mash Up (Sirius Hits 1 and XM’s 20 on 20) has an impressive following of almost 47,000 fans that are quite vocal and active on the page. What is perhaps even more impressive is the fact that The Morning Mas Up has more fans than the Howard Stern page which is approaching 43,000 fans.

Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer a great way for the company to promote their services to subscribers in a way that instantly connects with thousands, typically directly to their cell phone. Because Facebook is interactive, it allows fans to feel a sense of connection to the shows and talent they enjoy listening to.

Along with Facebook, Sirius XM has become quite active on You Tube. The You Tube channel features exclusive content that gives satellite radio fans a chance to see various artists and talent performing in the Sirius XM studios.

Not only do sites like Facebook allow listeners to connect with the company and individual channels, they also serve to gauge the popularity of channels, talent, and programming. It may come as a surprise to some, but a religious based channel called The Message, with over 20,000 fans, is among the top of the popularity list among Sirius XM’s listeners.

Other Facebook fan pages of Sirius XM include:

The Highway – Over 23,000 fans
Sirius XM The Message – Approaching 21,000 fans
Wake Up – Over 13,000 fans
Sirius XM U – Over 12,000 fans
BPM – Over 8,000 fans
Sirius XM NFL Radio – over 8,000 fans
Kids Place Live – Almost 5,000 fans
MLB Network Radio – Over 3,500 fans
Sirius XM Comedy – Almost 3,000 fans
The Spectrum – Over 2,000 fans
NASCAR Radio – Over 1,000 fans
On Broadway – Over 1,000 fans
Sirius XM Book Radio – Approaching 700 fans

Readers themselves can become fans of these pages simply by clicking on the links. Look for the list of channels with Facebook pages to increase over time. I for one am glad to see Sirius XM embrace the social media websites.

Position – Long Sirius XM Radio