As time ticks away on the Howard Stern contract with Sirius XM, the company is not sitting idly by. One might say that they are hedging their bets by promoting Opie & Anthony more-so than they have in the past. In fact the company is making it a point to let subscribers know that Opie & Anthony are available on the mobile platforms where Stern is not.

Today I received an email from XM. It is an Opie & Anthony "Spread The Virus Everywhere" campaign. The advertisement focuses on offering subscribers the added Internet feed at $2.99 per month with one month free. Adding the Internet functionality to accounts allows Sirius XM to increase the overall revenue they are getting from a subscriber.

It would appear that Sirius XM has two purposes with this latest campaign. Increase revenue, and get more exposure for Opie & Anthony in the event that Stern decides to leave Sirius XM. This latest campaign follows another about a month ago when Sirius subscribers were given access to hear Opie & Anthony on Sirius XM Stars, a channel available to both Sirius and XM subs.

From a business standpoint it is good to see Sirius XM working all avenues of increasing revenue, while at the same time hedging their bets on the Stern deal. Opie & Anthony put on a fine show, and would be a viable alternative for Stern fans should the King Of All Media decide to retire. While there is always heated debate between passionate Stern fans and O&A fans, there are vast numbers of people who just like a fun morning show.

No matter what happens to Stern, O&A are still with satellite, and no matter which talent you like best, the other also provides a great show.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio