It is important that you let the FCC, Senators and Congressmen know your opinions relating to the proposed merger between Sirius and XM. Today, several legislators sent a letter to the FCC and DOJ urging these government agencies to disallow the merger. Do these senators and congressmen represent your opinion? You can let them know by giving your opinion at SiriusMerger or XmMerger. These sites give you one place to file your opinion to the appropriate parties right over the internet.

merger survey

We ask that you also participate in a survey located in the Sirius Buzz Forums. The results of the survey will be filed with the FCC. The survey is brought to you by SATCOS, a sister site of Sirius Buzz and Satellite Standard. The survey is only 5 questions, so participation is quick, easy, and painless. SATCOS also has other satellite radio related surveys that you can take at your leisure. So come on over to the Sirius Buzz Forums, participate in the survey, and discussion about satellite radio. Click the photo to get straight to the Merger Survey.