Sirius XM Radio is quietly working to improve their customer service by reaching out to people in ways that the company has previously not done. The company launched a new Twitter feed a few weeks ago, and already there are about 50 followers. The Twitter feed is @SXM_Help.

This new addition accomplishes a few things for Sirius XM. First, it will separate the tweets of those with technical issues or complaints away from the main Twitter feed where they could get lost amongst thousand of other tweets. Second it allows consumers to get to the right location (customer service) instead of issuing a complaint to nowhere that likely will never reach the right department. Third, it shows that the company is indeed responsive in dealing with consumer issues.

Sirius XM now has several Twitter feeds with the main feed for the company being @SiriusXM. Also featured are @SiriusXMSports and several channel specific feeds. If you are adept at Twitter, finding all these feeds is easy. If not, simply go to @SiriusXM and click on the feeds that Twitter account follows.

Social networking is playing a bigger and bigger part in peoples everyday lives. It is good to see Sirius XM embracing the medium.

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