In a move that was a long time coming Sirius XM continues to improve their website, and this time, by extension is improving the consumer experience. The company announced in a recent email to subscribers today that the all new Online Account Center is up and running. This is news that should please consumers and investors alike.

From a consumer perspective, subscribers now have access to all aspects of their account in one easy to navigate interface. From changing your address to changing a password to adding a radio, consumers can see all aspects of their account.

In the past, consumers had to jump through hoops and would sometimes end up contacting the call center in frustration. This frustration sometimes boiled over into complaints that left the customer feeling like the company did not care about them, or worse yet, did not even understand the services offered.

From an investor standpoint this is also good news. Call centers are expensive to run. The more a company can do online, the less the company is spending on people to man phone lines. In addition, the easier it is for a consumer to look at and adjust their account, the better the user experience will be. Happy customers translate into lower churn and fewer complaints.

This latest move is great but some improvements still need to be made. Consumers with accounts on both services (Sirius and XM) still have to log into each respective account to manage it. Ever since the merger of Sirius and XM this issue has been a frustrating sticking point for many subscribers. Continued improvement in merging the accounts is expected some time this year and will be welcomed news to dual subscribers.

Take a minute to check out the new Online Account Management page.

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