Sometimes exposure comes in the most unlikely ways, in this case, the news headlines of the week are highlight Sirius. It is not the stock price, the merger, or a Black Friday Door Buster. It is the recent hijacking of a Saudi oil tanker named "MV Sirius Star", that is getting the Sirius name out there, albeit in a very subliminal way.

According to reports, the Saudi super tanker was hijacked Saturday, November 15th by Somali pirates, who are bringing the taker to one of their ports. An international outcry has ensued, and nations are calling for an international effort to combat piracy.

While the drama unfolds, Sirius Star will remain in the news, and by extension, the Sirius name will be on the minds of many. Will it result in boosted retail sales? Likely not. It is more likely that this will become an excuse to raise oil prices once again. Oh well.

Position: Long SIRI.