Last week most of America enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal with all of the fixings. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie was a mere sampling of what was on most dining room tables across the country. It was a day to get together with family and friends, share, and reflect on the things in life that we are most thankful for.

There is another story happening though, and it is not a joyous one. The United States is oft considered a place of opportunity. It is a place that other nations aspire to be like. It is a place where everyone has a chance at making something of themselves. Well in this economy there are those who go to bed hungry each and every day. There are those that have to make the choice between a hot meal and a warm blanket. Yes, even here there are those in need.

Sirius XM has a campaign designed to lend a helping hand. The company raises money through celebrity auctions and promotes awareness on various radio channels. Sirius XM is not alone. They have partnered with other companies and organizations to give a hand where needed.

Subscribers can participate and help by making a simple donation or even bidding on special items. You can check it all out by vising Sirius XM's special web page dedicated to their Sounds Of Change campaign. Take a few minutes to reflect on what you are thankful for and then step up to the plate and give those in greater need something to be thankful for. It does not take long to participate, and $1 can feed one child for a day.

My personal appeal is to readers of this site. SiriusBuzz is free to all. There are no charges, fees or subscriptions. You simply get great content, and if you have enjoyed this site please consider participation on some level to the Sounds of Change campaign.

Happy Holidays