If a picture is worth one thousand words, this video is worth ten thousand. At stake is the signal quality of satellite radio, which is currently enjoyed by over 35,000,000 listeners. Sirius XM Radio is busy with the FCC dealing with not only the potential for WCS interference, but also the 4% set aside of spectrum that was a merger condition. As a frequent user of satellite radio in my car, as well as someone who does drive in traffic, this is concerning. The video is a stark look at what could happen if WCS is allowed to move forward without implementing protections for satellite radio.

Readers should view a video created by Sirius XM and presented to the FCC today. I can not embed the video here, but the links and password are as follows:

Sirius XM Video on WCS Interference - Use Password SRXM

Latest FCC Filing From Sirius XM

Position - Long Sirius XM