SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced the launch of a new satellite radio for the home, the SR-H2000, which is custom-installer friendly and compatible with most home audio and theater systems.

The new SR-H2000 permits consumers to add satellite radio to entertainment systems, home theaters and distributed audio systems, allowing them to listen to SIRIUS and “The Best of XM” anywhere in their home or office. Users can control SIRIUS XM programming using the touch-sensitive front panel buttons, via the included remote control or through a home control system. Working with a custom installer, subscribers can enjoy satellite radio seamlessly integrated with their home and daily life.

“We are committed to providing SIRIUS XM subscribers with unparalleled choices in audio entertainment, and that commitment includes a complete selection of high-quality radios,” said Bob Law, Group Vice President and General Manager, After Market Division, SIRIUS XM Radio. “The SR-H2000 Home Tuner offers performance, user-friendly functions and stylish design that will appeal to subscribers who love SIRIUS XM programming in their vehicles and want an integrated solution for their home.”

Several features make this easy-to-integrate satellite radio tuner the ultimate content source for the installer. The SR-H2000 includes a wired 12v IR input, menu-selected RS232 control and an F-type antenna connector, which allows the satellite antenna to be installed using commonly-available RG6 cable that can be terminated quickly and inexpensively. The SR-H2000 also features a video output that can be used to display the user interface and programming information on a TV screen. The included rackmount hardware allows the SR-H2000 to be mounted flush with the front of a rack, fitting elegantly with other entertainment equipment.

By adding a SIRIUSConnect Tuner or Home Dock, the SR-H2000 can play two different channels simultaneously in separate rooms.

The SR-H2000 includes the satellite radio features that subscribers have come to expect, including:

- Pause and replay up to 44 minutes of live satellite radio.

- Direct access to 30 favorite channel presets from the front panel buttons or the remote control.

- Search features including GameZone™, GameAlert™ and S-Seek Alert™ so subscribers never miss their favorite sports events, artists and songs.

- One-Touch Jump™ that allows direct access to the traffic and weather condition of the 20 most congested cities.

- Built-in signal strength meter for optimal antenna placement.

- Output level controls for consistent volume as a user switches from SIRIUS to other sources.

The new SR-H2000 will be available primarily through custom installers and specialty retailers for MSRP of $349 in the fall 2009.

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