Sirius XM Satellite Radio officially announced the 20 million subscriber milestone this morning. The number represents a record for the company which has been flirting just above or just below 20 million for about a week. As part of the celebration Sirius XM had previously announced a limited run channel with Paul McCartney as well as a special concert featuring Sir Paul at the Apollo Theater in New York City on December 13th.

Mel Karmazin, SIRIUS XM's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Reaching and surpassing 20 million subscribers is a significant milestone for us. We have added the last 10 million subscribers faster than the first 10 million -- despite a tremendously competitive environment -- representing a strong endorsement of our service and our programming by discerning consumers who want and demand the best in audio entertainment. As a leader in audio entertainment, SIRIUS XM has assembled the best content, personalities, and entertainers that satisfy our subscribers' diverse interests."

Sirius XM anticipates finishing the year with about 20.1 million subscribers. Going into 20011 the company is working on Satellite Radio 2.0 which promises to deliver more channels, services and value to satellite radio consumers.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio