Michael Hartleib and his following at SaveSirius were at it again today. In an official press release (scary) SaveSirius is demanding (by law) a boatload of documents from Sirius XM for, get this... “the benefit of Sirius XM Satellite Radio shareholders.” Thanks Mike!

Pursuant to Statute 220 of Delaware Law, SaveSirius will now have access to the following documents.

  • List of current shareholders
  • All documents related to the Shareholder Vote approving the merger between Sirius and XM including documents from the tabulator and proxy firm of said vote
  • All documents, including internal memorandums, regarding the companies' compliance with the FCC Interoperability Mandate
  • All documents from Interoperable Technologies LLC regarding the development of interoperable radios and plans to market said devices. These documents are to include the white paper report by Michael Deluca which was held under double protective orders during the FCC merger proceedings and was withheld from the DOJ Anti-Trust Division
  • Un-redacted draft of the Joint Development Agreement between Sirius and XM which led to the creation of Interoperable Technologies LLC
  • Correspondence between Mr. Karmazin and Mr. Leon Black involving discussions of privatizing Sirius XM, including any related internal memorandums
  • All correspondence between Sirius General Counsel, Patrick Donnelly and Simpson Bartlett and Thatcher in regards to the litigation entitled "Gregory Brockwell v Sirius Satellite Radio"