election 2006SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced today that it will broadcast comprehensive live coverage of the 2006 mid-term elections on November 7th across multiple news and talk channels. Election-night coverage will feature reporting and analysis from SIRIUS hosts, reporters, stringers and bloggers, plus news coverage from news organizations. Coverage will continue post-election on November 8th.

With all of this election coverage you might actually be able to sniff out an ounce of truth and actually make educated decisions this coming election. Programming lineup after the jump...

SIRIUS Left, channel 146, America's Real Liberal Talk Radio presents "Ejection 2006" exclusively on SIRIUS: Morning host Alex Bennett anchors "Ejection 2006" beginning at 9PM ET. Aptly named for the political left's confidence that a change of power in Washington DC is imminent, "Ejection 2006" is coverage "for the people" -- with listeners sharing the stage offering news and information from their place in America. SIRIUS Left hosts including Lynn Samuels and Bill Press will join with commentary and insight, supplemented with listeners and bloggers. Analysis, opinion, and debate continues on November 8th.

SIRIUS Patriot, channel 144, America's Conservative Values Station presents "Protection 2006" exclusively on SIRIUS: SIRIUS Patriot hosts including Andrew Wilkow, Bill Bennett, and Mike Church will break down the results and what it all means. Cam & Company from NRA News will deliver updates from key Senate, House, and state races for the political right. National Review's Jim Geraghty, The Wall Street Journal's John Fund, and reports from Capitol Hill round-out the coverage.

SIRIUS Outq, channel 106, America's Gay Radio Station presents "Correction 2006" exclusively on SIRIUS: John McMullen and SIRIUS OutQ News Director Tim Curran anchor live coverage of "Correction 2006" starting at 10PM ET - featuring updates on important elections and ballot initiatives affecting the LGBT community; races with key LGBT candidates, and insight into the US House and Senate races. SIRIUS OutQ's Michelangelo Signorile, actor and women's rights activist Nancy Lee Grahn, and national LGBT spokespeople including Matt Foreman of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce, Kate Kendell from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Patrick Sammon from the National Log Cabin Republicans will also contribute, along with stringers nationwide. Analysis, opinion, and debate continues November 8th.

Fox News Talk, channel 145: Fox News Talk special election coverage begins at 9PM ET with an extended edition of The John Gibson Show, followed by an extended edition of The Alan Colmes Show at 10PM ET. Special post-election coverage begins at 5AM ET on November 8 with Steve Malzberg and Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers -- with a look at major races, speeches, and what the results mean to the country, the political parties, the economy, and the war on terror.

NPR Now, channel 134: NPR's election night special will begin at 8PM ET and continue through the night. The hosts of Election 2006 are Robert Siegel and Linda Wertheimer until 1AM ET. NPR White House Correspondent Don Gonyea and Capitol Hill Reporter Andrea Seabrook take over at 1AM ET. NPR reporters and producers will be deployed around the country to cover key races. Scott Simon will be roving with a satellite phone to report on the profound moments that define election night in our nation's fast food restaurants and supermarket parking lots. Additional election perspective will air on NPR Talk, channel 135.

CNN, channel 132: Live simulcast of CNN's television election coverage.
CNN Headline News, channel 133: Live simulcast of CNN Headline News's television election coverage.
Fox News, channel 131: Live simulcast of Fox News Channel's election coverage.
BBC World Service, channel 141: London-based BBC coverage and perspective on the US election.
World Radio Network, channel 140: Perspectives on the US election from many countries worldwide.