The Motley Fool has named SIRIUS one of the worst stock picks of 2007. I happen to wholeheartedly disagree but, who the hell am I. I foresee nothing but good things for Sirius in the coming years. This is a pay service that is growing faster than cable television did when it was first debuted and back then people said that there was no way in hell people would pay for television when they could get it for free. Boy oh boy did they nail that one.

I live in the Boston area and terrestrial radio stations are dropping off the air left and right around here. Not only that but, I see commercials for terrestrial radio in TV almost daily for every station in the area. This is something I have never seen in the past, it seems to me like the radio industry is in a panic. The fact that companies like Clear Channel are selling off their stations is just more proof of that.

The only reason I could ever see satellite radio failing would be if “free FM” does something drastic to fix their business model. Either the FCC lays off terrestrial radio restrictions or it will “fail” it is that simple. People are sick of the commercials and they are sick of not being able to hear their favorite program uncensored. Regular radio is stale and boring and I don’t see myself ever listening to “free FM” ever again.