Sirius 110 is back on the air. The channel which was once the home of Court TV and Vinnie Politan is now host to Indie Talk. The innovative format is uncensored and promises independent thought and opinion. At this point Sirius has announced that Ron Silver will be a feature on the channel.

Whether Indie Talk can serve as a viable Stern alternative is yet to be seen, but listeners only need to wait until Wednesday February 6th to get that answer, as that is the day that Indie Talk will begin airing. Sirius Buzz has been critical of Sirius for the lack of a true and regular morning drive show as a Stern alternative. In an article interviewing former Court TV Radio host Vinnie Politan, we expressed that he would be a welcomed addition to Sirius Starts in the morning drive slot. Sirius Stars is Sirius' flagship talk station, but lacks a regular five day per week morning drive show. Interestingly, the 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM slot on Indie Talk has not been filled as yet.

Position - Long Sirius