sirius-save-big.gifSummer is coming to a close, and as Fall rolls in, Sirius is putting some nice consumer rebates on the table. Many of the new rebates are standard fare, and not unlike those that have happened in the past. However, there is a new wrinkle in the rebate world this time around. An Installation rebate. Sirius is allowing consumers to combine rebates on hardware with a $50 rebate on installation.

These rebates run from now until September 13, 2007, and activations must be complete prior to October 13, 2007. Details and requirements for rebates are available at This gives consumers a window of a bit over a month to get some Sirius deals.

Unlike past rebates, some retailers such as Best Buy and Circuit City have little or no participation. Readers should be aware of this prior to making a purchase decision. We spoke with one of our Sponsors, TSS Radio, and they are geared up and ready with everything required to participate in these rebates. You can visit TSS Radio simply by clicking their ad on this site.

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