Sirius Satellite Radio is a hot product and an easy target for potential thieves. It’s hard to walk down the street now a days without seeing a Satellite Radio unit just sitting in plain sight on the dash or stuck to a windshield. For thieves trying to make a quick buck this is like taking candy from a baby, they can be in and out in 5 seconds.

The problem for the victims is that when police officers like Thomas Shea from recover the stolen units and contact Sirius for help, they run into a wall. Officer Shea says that he deals directly with a lot of big name manufactures in an effort to try and track down the rightful owners of stolen goods and Sirius is by far the hardest to deal with. When the Shea identifies himself as a Boston police officer and presents Sirius with the ID numbers on the radios, they refuse to be of any help to him.

The real kicker is that if the units are not found Sirius has no problem reactivating the stolen radios. It is time that Sirius changes its tune and puts a stop to essentially condoning the theft of their radios and make a public statement alerting all potential thieves that stolen radios will not be reactivated and their efforts will go unrewarded

It is not clear why Sirius takes this stance but, one could argue that this is some kind of internal business decision. If Sirius does nothing about the stolen units they can be reactivated and the original victim has to buy a new unit. This winds up producing two new sales for Sirius whereas, if they put a block on the stolen unit, they would only wind up with one new purchase of a receiver. By taking no stance on what is a serious issue they stand to put more money in their own pockets.

If you know someone in the Boston area that has had their Sirius radio stolen, there are currently 5 receivers in police custody. Let’s do what Sirius doesn’t want to do and reunite these victims with their property. Just head over to and type the word “Sirius” into the search by category field to see the current list of recovered products.