fcc-logo.gifSirius Satellite Radio filed their response to the FCC Information request, and notified the agency of such on November 16th. The FCC had requested additional information two weeks earlier, and had set the 16th as a deadline. The documentation requested was quite extensive, and some merger watchers felt that the scope of the request would be difficult for the satellite radio companies to deliver in the time period mandated. However, merger watchers familiar with the process would have noted that much of the requested information was likely already compiled for the anti-trust process with the Department of Justice.

The 119 page filing has many aspects redacted from public inspection, but the FCC has full versions from which to complete their investigation. The filing has a lot of detailed information that detail oriented sector watchers will appreciate. As of this writing, the FCC time clock is still moving forward.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM