I rely on multiple sources for information when it comes to my investments. One such resource is MFFAIS.com. Now before you invest based on any of the following information, you need to know that it is NOT current information. It is based solely on the reporting of mutual funds and their requirements by the SEC, and describes previous activity. In other words, the information may no longer be valid as of today. I watch it to spot trends in mutual fund activity and get a feel for the general consensus.

Having made that perfectly clear, I thought it was important enough to bring to your attention that the buy/sell ratio was reported at 2 to 1. In other words, for each mutual fund that sold shares, two were buying. The last time I checked the site, institutional sellers were outnumbering buyers by a slight margin. The buying percentage has jumped to an amazing 60.84%!

The current report lists 202 funds as having purchased shares versus 101 funds selling. There have been 87 new funds purchasing SIRI shares and 115 have increased their holdings, including Goldman Sachs which despite its long history of maintaining SIRI as a SELL, now owns a total of 11,244,513 shares, having added 7,023,867 shares in the previous quarter.

Position: Long SIRI