jim cramer says sellI have been a big fan of Jim Cramer and his show Mad Money for quite some time now and if you are a fan like me, then you know that someone calls in and asks about Sirius almost nightly. Month after month all Jim ever had to say was “Sirius is a great company but a bad stock” it was becoming a real downer. However, as of late Jim has changed his tune completely. Yesterday when Cramer fielded his daily Sirius question he responded by saying “Sell XM and buy Sirius there is just more upside in Sirius stock”.

Sirius comes in with decent numbers, Mel is a guest on Mad Money, and the next thing you know Sirius goes from being in the doghouse to Jim’s top 5 speculative stock list. Usually some good old fashion Cramer lovin’ is followed by some upswing but, instead SIRI was down 0.02 to 4.11 at closing today.