The July 2010 edition of Satellite Radio Round Table airs live tonight (July 14th) at 8:00PM ET. The Satellite Radio Round Table is collaborative effort of Satellite Radio Playground, SiriusBuzz, and Orbitcast to bring Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) fans and investors a unique and varied perspective of the Satellite Radio landscape. Satellite Radio Playground is proud to be hosting this month’s Satellite Radio Round Table. Last month’s Satellite Radio Round Table was hosted by SiriusBuzz, and due to scheduling issues Orbitcast’s Ryan Saghir was not available for the debut episode. We are excited to have Mr. Saghir with us for this months Satellite Radio Round Table and Orbitcast will be hosting next month’s Satellite Radio Round Table.

The Satellite Radio Round Table panel will include:

Demian Russian – Demian Russian is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Satellite Radio Playground. Demian has written extensively on Satellite Radio and accurately predicted the SkyDock months before its release. He has also conducted many live radio interviews with analysts, fund managers, and company representatives related to the sector. Demian has been a fan of satellite radio for years and carries a passion for the service.

Ryan Saghir – Ryan has been covering the satellite radio industry on since 2004. The site is dedicated to providing the latest news, information and an increased awareness of Sirius XM and their competing technologies. Orbitcast has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, CNN, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times, as well as other major media outlets. In addition to his writing on Orbitcast, Ryan also provides confidential consultation services about the satellite radio industry for financial services firms. Ryan can be reached at anytime at

Dennis “Cos” Costa – Dennis is Co-Founder and writer for Satellite Radio Playground. Dennis has followed satellite radio for years and has added valuable insight for investors. Dennis is known for in depth research and timely articles about the happenings in the satellite radio sector. Dennis works closely with Demian Russian on Satellite Radio Playground Radio.

Brian “Newman” Rayl – Brian is the Co-founder and COO of Satellite Radio Playground. Following the sector for years, Brian brings a unique perspective from a consumer as well as an investor vantage point. Brian works closely with Demian Russian and Dennis “Cos” Costa at Satellite Radio Playground.

Spencer Osborne – Spencer has been writing about satellite radio on websites since 2006, and was an active participant in many forums from the very beginnings of satellite radio. He was among the first 50,000 subscribers for Sirius Satellite Radio, and enjoys full subscriptions to both Sirius and XM. Spencer began writing with a pen name (Tyler Savery) on Satellite Standard, which he merged into SiriusBuzz with his business partner Charles LaRocca. Spencer’s material has been featured on the Howard Stern Show, the Jay Thomas Show, as well as several others. His research was included in FCC filings during the merger process, as well as in the reports of several analysts.

Satellite Radio Playground’s Demian Russian will be moderating this months round table discussion. Tonight’s Satellite Radio Round Table will air live on Playground Radio at 8:00PM ET. Following the live broadcast, the show will be available for streaming or download as an Mp3 file or via iTunes. Listeners who would like to participate in the live discussion can do so by dialing (347) 934-0239.

Tonight’s edition of Satellite Radio Round Table