Satellite Radio News is back with our 65th show tonight at 9:00 PM EST. Join SiriusBuzz personalities as we give you all the news surrounding satellite radio. Callers are welcomed and can participate by calling 347-945-7995. It has been an interesting week since our last show, and there is a lot to cover.

In addition to tonight's show, be ready for the second addition of the Satellite Radio Round Table tomorrow night at 8:00 PM Eastern. The Satellite Radio Round Table brings together some of the most active writers in the sector. Ryan Saghir from Orbitcast, Demian Russian, Newman, and Dennis Costa from Satellite Radio Playground, and Spencer Osborne and Charles LaRocca from SiriusBuzz join together once a month to discuss the happening in satellite. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow.

Satellite Radio News Show #65

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