When Sirius and XM announced the new pricing tiers, our sister site SATCOS published a one question survey inquiring as to which tier would carry the most appeal. While not “scientific” in nature, the poll gives an idea of which type of pricing will carry the most appeal to readers of Sirius Buzz, as well as readers of SATCOS.

Upon reaching 100 answers, we thought it would be interesting to see where everything shakes out. Additionally, we thought it would be interesting to compare what revenue for satellite radio would be as compared to the current $12.95 price.

As we all know, 100 subscribers at a current price point of $12.95 brings in revenue of $1,295. Now looking at the responses to date, with various pricing points, where would revenue come in? Well, according to these early results, revenue would improve to a number of $1,385.20, representing an increase of $90 overall, and an average subscription price of a $13.85.


It is my opinion that the current crop of existing subscribers (Roughly 15,000,000 at present) will actually be more likely to upgrade their service in some manner than new subscribers coming into the service, which will be more apt to start out at a lower tier.

All of this is interesting to consider, and we will be watching the results of this survey as it will continue to be available for you to add your input. SATCOS has several surveys available for participation.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM