Last week Sirius XM Radio host Rosie O'Donnell inked a deal to host a new television show for the 2011-2012 season. While the time-frame is still several months away, the news should be welcomed by Sirius XM fans and investors. Rosie is more likely to integrate her "projects than some other hosts that have shows on television as well as radio.


Rosie is no stranger to television. She had a hit television show for a few years before her sudden retirement from the medium. When she retired, she did not fade away. She started a blog and was active in it. Fans of Rosie were able to "keep in touch", and Rosie was able to remain relevant.

Rosie is an example of the consummate cross promoter. She is not afraid to share personal details, and intertwines her every day life with her television show, radio show or blog. Because Rosie does this, she wont be able to help cross promoting Sirius XM with her television show. It is this personal touch to what Rosie does that makes her special, and keeps her relevant.

Certainly we can also expect to hear more about the pending television show on Sirius XM as well. The subject has already come up on the Howard Stern Show and as the date for the television launch draws closer, will become more newsworthy.

Rosie's radio show on Sirius XM can be heard weekdays 10am - 12pm ET, 12pm - 2pm ET & 8pm - 10pm ET on Sirius XM Stars (Sirius 102 and XM 94).

Position - Long Sirius XM