This post should not even appear here, but a response is needed.  A special thanks to the many that have sent emails expressing their angst about the misrepresentation applied to myself and this site.

Brandon Matthews states,

"I put the once isolated Spencer Osbourne on the map, keeping Buzz alive and convincing him to continue while he dealt with a crumbling marriage, that had him ready to walk away. I invented Demian Russian at playground, and Relmor Demitrius, ASM and Rick King at KOAT. COS at whatever if he’s still around. Midas made a career the past two years of bashing me on stock message boards everywhere, enlisting others to do the the same while stealing content from here; offering it for free to anyone that would cancel their memberships, and bankrupt this venture."

I began writing about SiriusXM shortly after the announcement of Mel Karmazin as the new CEO of Sirius.  My site was Satellite Standard.  At that time Brandon was a message board poster. Eventually I merged my efforts at Satellite Standard with SiriusBuzz and we continued to cover the sector.  Satellite Standard and SiriusBuzz were hardly obscure at the time, second only to Orbitcast in traffic ranking, reach, and recognition within the space (all of this prior to Brandon Matthews coming on board).

My articles had been quoted in FCC filings, radio shows, and analyst reports.  Many months later I plucked Brandon from the obscurity of the message boards and had him write articles for SiriusBuzz.  At one point Brandon disappeared for several months, and despite that fact the site continued its path of momentum.  The entire time Brandon was paid for services even though articles were not being written.  I was not isolated nor obscure.  I was simply going about my business.

I did not confer with Brandon about my marriage nor have I really been public about it in writing.  In May of 2009 Brandon was asked to leave SiriusBuzz and go to another site we developed called Satwaves.  I got divorced in September of 2010.  The initial intent for Satwaves was to place the business related articles on SiriusBuzz and the consumer information on Satwaves.  The name was one that I came up with on a conference call and that Brandon quickly registered.   He did move on to Satwaves, but not in a manner that I would consider professional.  His attacks on me and this site started that day.

There have been many times that I have taken a respite from writing for one reason or another.  Sometimes it is that I am simply very busy with work, other times it is when I consider the number of hours put into this endeavor with very little reward, other times, since the Brandon fiasco, I have taken breaks simply because answering questions surrounding lie after lie grows tiresome.  The Sirius XM community used to be a great place.  One common thread in its destruction is that a particular individual has burned every bridge that existed and created a path of destruction, mistrust, and dare I say outright deception.  It is sad, especially considering that there is no need for it.

My opinion...

I do not trust a single word uttered by Brandon Matthews and honestly feel that he is taking advantage of many people.  On one hand he will say how awesome he is and how much people make on his advise, and then in the other he will beg for money.  It is all quite unfortunate.  At the shareholder meeting this year some members of his site brought him up to me over lunch.  I did not slam or disparage him.  I simply stated that we do not see eye to eye and that I have no desire to work with him or discuss him.  I try to simply go about my business and let him go about his.  I do not need his approval nor disapproval.  I would just as soon let him do his thing without having to bring me up every step of the way.

There seems to be a tendency for Brandon to seek some form of recognition from time to time and create a stir.  Typically this happens when there is some sort of calamity happening.  This article will assist him once again in people feeling sorry for the guy and lauding him with various praises and or money.  To accomplish his goals he apparently spends regular amounts of time discussing me in some form or another to his members.  When that isn't enough he writes an article taking credit for all of the good calls, and forgetting all of the bad.  Most know that they need to take what he says with a whole shaker of salt, but there are some susceptible to believing anything someone says as long as they are preaching it.  If you like his site, more power to you.  Visit it often.  Just watch for how often he brings myself and others up and ask yourself why someone would do that.  If you tell the lie often enough eventually people will believe it, or at least enough to make telling those lies worth while.

With that, I will once again attempt to close this issue.